09 April 2009


You can join ArtFire for free with a basic account or chose a premium Verified account and list an unlimited number of items for just US $12.00 a month (regular US $20.00/month). Verified members can list unlimited items with never a listing or final value fee, just like on your own website, but with less hassle, and at a lower price. Full access to a whole host of management features, promotional tools, and enhanced functionality. Plus increased site exposure use of all new features for just US $12.00 per month.

Really, no listing fees, no final value fees, or renewing fees... Go ahead, list 500 items, list a thousand – sell a thousand, you still pay just a flat US $12.00 per month (no long-term commitments, cancel anytime).

What can be sold on ArtFire?

Handmade items assembled by you, handmade art, fine art, crafts and collectables. Supplies and vintage items that support handmade artists needs. Design and media items which the member/designer actively participated in the creative process.

How will ArtFire help me sell? Do you advertise?

ArtFire manages multiple robust and comprehensive marketing campaigns that include viral, social, traditional, and non-traditional efforts. ArtFire purchases display ads in national publications, broadcast networks, web ads, as well as over 150 million views of ArtFire ads on websites such as Facebook, Mother Jones, Google, various blog sites, "green" webzines, arts & crafts webzines, and many other channels.

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