22 November 2008

All Done for the Year.....

I've finished all my major travel for the year and I've visited some amazing people and places!

This year I got snowed on while visiting the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed the sunshine and people of Portugal, visited Alhambra Palace in Granada Spain, climbed new mountains and enjoyed great new friends in Daegu South Korea, annual family camping trip in Sitka, Alaska.. and learned many new things from my wonderful new friends in Northern Ireland.

I'd say it was a good year!

Now on to planning next year.... I'm currently looking for new friends willing to host a poor traveling photographer whom is trying to achieve the goal of visiting and learning from every country in the world. I hope to make lots of friends and learn about your culture and history while photographing my experience to bring to those who can not travel.

Send me a email!


  1. Your Travel Map is an inspiration, Dellana! :)


  2. You are so lucky!!! I want to travel like you!


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